Stephen A. DiBiase Poetry contest reading

Date: Saturday, June 1, 2024

Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Time Zone: Eastern Time - US & Canada

Winners and finalists in the 9th Annual DiBiase poetry competition will read their work.

Bob Sharkey is editor of the DiBiase poetry contest. He is the Treasurer and Membership chair for the Hudson Valley Writers Guild. He writes poetry and short fiction and has been widely published and featured at many poetry venues.



Reed, Guy. Ghost. Shot Glass Journal, Issue #34 May 2021

Night Owl (for Donald Lev), poem by Guy Reed. Lightwood Press. March 21, 2024.

A Poem for The Extraterrestrial / poem by Guy Reed. Lightwood Press. December 20, 2023.

In the Wind / poem by Guy Reed. Lightwood Press. December 16, 2021.

Reed, Guy. Second Innocence. Luchador Press. 2020. Purchase on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. View on Google Books.

Reed, Guy. Until the Words Came. Post Traumatic Press. 2019. Purchase HERE.

Reed, Guy. The Effort to Hold Light. Finishing Line Press. 2011. Purchase HERE


Reed, Guy. What Memories art Carried in Light. Stephen A. DiBiase Poetry Prize 2024.

2022 Littoral Press Poetry Prize, Fifteenth Annual Littoral Press Broadside Contest. Judged by Joyce Jenkins. Printed letterpress in an edition of 55, Littoral Press, Richmond, VA. Fall 2022.

Limited Edition Letterpress Prints are Available - Please Contact to Inquire


Reed, Guy. Calling All Poets. 2019. Recording.

PODCAST: Until The Words Came. Planet Poet - Words in Space Hosted by Sharon Israel. LISTEN ON SHARON ISRAEL'S WEBSITE OR SPOTIFY

Sparks in the Dark with Guy Reed. Stockbridge Library. April 10, 2024.

Reed, Guy. Eyes on the Road, The Strange Recital, 2016. FULL AUDIO RECORDING - LISTEN

Driving along a stretch of road I look down along a patch of wood thicket behind a strip mall and see a hanging, broken branch of dead leaves. I keep my gaze a second longer than I normally would [ ... ]

Reed, Guy. The Dead Pig. The Strange Recital, 2016. FULL AUDIO RECORDING - LISTEN

I brought my father’s Belgian made Browning semi-automatic .22 caliber rifle with me to junior high school. Carried it right on the bus in its gun case. This was in 1976, suburban Minnesota. [ ... ]


Cokinos, Katie and Reed, Guy (Co-Director). How the World Looks Now. 2018.

Cokinos, Katie, Writer/Director. I Dream Too Much. 2015.

Starring Eden Brolin, Danielle Brooks and Diane Ladd.

Features two poems written by Guy Reed with one performed by him in a featured role.

Cockinos, Katie and Reed, Guy. Co-Directors. Water Keeps Time. 2020.


Reed, Jessica. Review of Until The Words Came. A Time and Place Magazine, November, 2019.

Francis, Thom. Review of Until The Words Came” by Guy Reed and Cheryl A. Rice, Hudson Valley Writer's Guild. June 21, 2019.

Nixon, Will. In Praise of “The Effort to Hold Light” by Guy Reed. Hudson Valley Writers Guild. December 22, 2011.

Past Events

3rd Annual POEM-A-THON

April 27, 2024 @ 10:30 am – 4:30 pm EST

The 3rd Annual Woodstock Library POEM-A-THON will be held in on the Lawn in front of the Library. Poets and poetry fans are invited to sign up for a 10-minute reading slot. You can read any poems you like — ones you’ve written yourself, favorite classics, or even new poems you’ve never encountered before and want to read on the fly. We’ll have an array of poetry books for all ages to choose from if you need inspiration. We will move inside if the weather turns sour, but we hope to keep this out in the open air.